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The Technical Office, " MENEGIS THEODOROS ", is headquartered in Patras and is in Active from September 2011. Head and head of the Office is Theodore Menegis, civil engineer, University of Patras (2011).

Our technician Office object is the study, overseeing all forms and nature of technical projects for both private and public character. We provide services to investment issues, drafting all kinds of technical, feasibility or economic studies and construction of civil works of any category, as well as a wealth of architectural and static – earthquake studies, construction – building projects. The scope of activities includes more, studies repair – strengthening buildings, proseismiko control structures, valuations, surveying, building permits, advice on construction and operating permits. In recent years, our Office operates and in the field of energy studies.

Our technical Office has a permanent on the basis of technical and scientific staff, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, agronomists, but also notaries, where critical ability and assume options with increased scientific responsibility by providing specialized services and practical advice, satisfying our customers trying for the best result.

We combine perfectly with the functionality, the quality and the economy with the ultimate goal being the high end result of construction, giving everything, focus on quality of building materials and elements, we are the perfect choice in the field of structures. Aspire in stable and long-term partnerships, while bail for this objective are the projects and the experience of the Οffice. The professionalism, coupled with the continuous development and technical upgrading of services and equipment is the philosophy of our Οffice.