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G. Seferis

The study aims to solve problems and express their human service needs in the area. The General study of building projects as universal constructions on the site, as well as more specific studies such as layouts (interior decoration), outdoor spaces configurations, study specific issues, ktiriodomikwn. During the preparation of the studies take into account all regulations applicable to building projects and individual installations. The architectural plans or construction plans are an integral part of the dossier building plans of the building (the dossier supplement drawings Static and electromechanical installations, together with the appropriate calculations and corresponding photographs). The General study of building projects as universal constructions on the site, as well as more specific studies such as outdoor spaces configurations or study specific subjects building structural.

The first step in each building is the architectural design which should meet in dreams and owner's requirements and to comply with the provisions laid down by the State through the CBR(GENERAL BUILDING REGULATION) and the buildings structural regulation. In this set out all elements of the building, from the floor plans that specify the dimensions of the Interior of the building up and the aspects that define the external format/appearance of the building, as even the forecourt. All this always with the best possible use of available space, the harmony of the building with the existing natural and residential environment, but also the individual needs and wishes of each owner. The design of each new building is not a routine job, but another opportunity for creation.

Our technical Office plans highlighting the idiaiterotites every use and every desire, always with the service function in combination with the data of the natural and cultural environment. Through photorealism, the three-dimensional representation of buildings or other design objects and computer-aided, with faithful representation of materials, colors and lighting based on the two-dimensional drawings of the object, reflect the design and our implementing line of reasoning. The photorealistic renderings are now necessary in the current era for the architect, civil engineer, designer, decorator and individual. Facilitates the student to understand and improve its work, while providing the ability to control and finalization of colors, materials and aesthetics of the project. Decreases costs of the changes and corrections during construction of the project, so the owner is able to comprehend a plan (e.g. a floor plan area) who does not understand from the paper plan (plan to scale). Our Office has all the necessary equipment for creating photorealistic both indoors and outdoors.

The utilization of a wide range of practices relating to the handling of renewable energy indicate the environmental design parameters for each project and eventually implement a sustainable construction. This philosophy follows specific feasible methods.

Essential to architectural design and bioclimatic architecture, whereby we can offer solutions to buildings, in order to improve the conditions of thermal and visual comfort.

This is achieved by:

  • the proper place and proper orientation of the building within the plot, depending on the direction of the winds, climatic conditions etc.
  • the proper design and location of openings per orientation, depending on the requirements of lighting, natural lighting and ventilation.
  • the choice of building materials, taking into account both the thermal and optical properties, as well as the toxicological effect.

In the above plays an important role and the study Building Energy Efficiency Regulation where through this we have integrated energy planning in the study of buildings, which will help particularly improve their energy efficiency, energy saving measures and in protection of the environment.

Outlines,our technical Office undertakes the preparation and premeditated syntax, STUDY and STUDY of APPLICATION in a wide range of specialties that include:

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Static – Seismic Study of reinforced concrete constructions, steel (steel buildings), wood (wooden structures) and stonework (stone buildings – masonry)
  • Construction control before seismic
  • Repair – Study Aid
  • Study Of The Water Supply – Sewerage
  • Study of thermal insulation – thermal insulation competence
  • Study Of Building Energy Efficiency ( Building Energy Efficiency Regulation)
  • Study Of Electromechanical Installations
  • Study of central heating
  • Central heating costs allocation
  • Study of fuel gas for new or existing buildings
  • Central air conditioning installations
  • Ventilation installations – ventilation
  • Repair – Study Aid
  • Study Of The Water Supply – Sewerage
  • Electrical installations of strong currents (architectural lighting, movement, medium voltage substations)
  • Electrical currents patients (voice-data networks,closed circuits , building management systems, access control B.M.S., lightning protection systems, etc)
  • Environmental study-environmental impact
  • economical and technical study
  • Spatial and regulatory study
  • Planning and urban fabric study
  • Architectural solutions of buildings of all types and uses, with emphasis in residential and business areas increased operational requirements.
  • Repair – Study Aid
  • Formation of internal and external spaces.
  • Electrical installations of strong currents (architectural lighting, movement, medium voltage substations)
  • Application of bioclimatic design and energy-saving principles.

The mechanics of static and electromechanical Department of our Office are in constant collaboration, in order to ensure the feasibility of the proposal always in accord with the wishes and needs of customers.