'...The human foot ...a miracle of Engineering'

The choice of type of holder organism of the building, the analysis (static and dynamic-seismic control) and finally the diastasiologisi, constitute the most important phase of the research process, particularly as it relates to the safety of building against seismic loads.

The architecture study should go hand in hand and static rules. You need IE the structural system which is designed to be able to safely bring the seismic and other actions, which will strain throughout the duration of his life.

In structural design will make the determination of both intensive magnitudes and deformities of all construction, as well as the sizing of all members of the structural system and will be checked in accordance with the criteria of Hellenic Regulation of concrete Wplismenoy and Greek Anti-seismic Regulation. The structural design of construction, must provide the necessary technical data and instructions with a view to secure technical construction of holder organism of the building project.

Specifically, should include:

  • Technical report with the description of the project, the type of institution, the method-structure calculation etc. It will also contain the calculation of static with-gethwn and cross-sections of all holder elements of the building and its surroundings, at typical locations and anaptyssome-managing tendencies or deformations, in connection with the permitted. Antisei-installed control or explanation of possible when Regulation 42.
  • Drawings holder manufacture/formwork will be designed in the same climate-Ms with their respective architectural project and include harm-all accomplished, floors, foundations plan and schematic cross section. Will suffer-based geometric dimensions of ferontwn items, armaments etc.
  • Drawings of details to appropriate scale 1:50 or 1:20 or 1:10 etc. Contains-Hun entries how to arm span, walls etc.