"... I have six honest workers.
(I learned everything I know).
Their names are What and Why and When
and How and Where and Who..."

Graduate Civil Engineer of the University of Patras and member of the Technical Chamber of Patras.

I graduated with honors from the Evening High School of Patras in 2005 and introduced through examinations in Pan-hellenic Polytechnic of Patras. The Evening high school was a station for the ethical and professional development, Ms. as well, through the everyday, my morning work and training in parallel which offered me, I managed to know myself and to highlight its my abilities.

Instrumental role played and my family, with love and support from my childhood I breathed the interest for the civil engineering profession, through the monitoring work of the family business that relates with engineering, but keeping track of the notion of creation, which is interwoven with the specific property. From 2011 till today I hold Office technician '' MENEGIS THEODOROS '', specializing in the field of planning and technical Project Management and design, editing and preparation of building permits, as well as surveying applications.

I have produced studies on changing residential use in shops, anegerssi buildings, construction of luxury residences, hotels, as well as renovations of all types. I've been a consultant for static work, supervising construction number private and public projects. Our technical Office has dealt with the settlement of arbitrary, in accordance with the law 4014/2011 and 4178/2013, I perform all types of surveying. Until today I am dealing with the entire range of building and architekonikwn claims, with last years to aanlambanei our office work concerning energy and environmental planning.

My specialization in design and supervision of projects was used during the period of my tenure in the newly formed military MOMA '' DIDERGWN '', in which studied 14 km. Roads and 2 boxed cross-sections on the island of Ikaria, a service for which I had the honour to be promoted against my dismissal in the higher grade.

From the beginning of 2017 was a member of the three-Member Bid Committee of coastal Mesogeikwn Games held in Tarragona, Spain, tournament which was deprived with absolute success since taking the games from the Achaean capital.