The electrical study is a bit to build a reliable building project. This study was performed to determine the way and installation material.

With the implementation of the intended computation of the smallest possible energy consumption, selecting the most appropriate and traditional materials, meeting the needs of the customer, the quality and the cost of construction and the avoidance of operating problems. The purpose of this study is the specification of how to implement but and installation materials to achieve the desired effect. Key components of this study is the low energy consumption, quality of workmanship, the satisfaction of user needs, preventing operational problems and failures, but also the controlled manufacturing costs. All these constitute the "guideline" to implement an installation.

Our technical office with extensive experience regarding specific studies, but also by continuous monitoring of technological developments in electrical field, can conduct studies for homes, business premises and automations in any scale. By doing this, the objectives of excellence, quality and safety in construction. Minimize omissions, errors and reductions in quality. Our technical Office undertakes the design and implementation of all kinds of electrical installation in existing or under construction building, residence, professional or industrial space.