Engineer Certificate

Our Office having a mastery of the Law arbitrarily, and knowing the details of the settlement process of aythairetoy with favorable terms, for the owner, after an autopsy of an arbitrary construction can proceed appropriate actions and in a short time to terminate the settlement process of the authority.

With the new law, from 1 October 2011, is absolutely prohibited and void the transfer or the establishment of a right in rem in immovable property without affirmation of the owner and engineer certificate that there is no arbitrary construction at the property and are not installed uses without permission. False or inaccurate statements of those involved in a legal transaction (notaries, lawyers, brokers, registrars etc) are punishable by severe penalties and for engineers predicted up to withdrawal of the licence to practice. At the same time, with n. 4178/13 enables citizens with arbitrary buildings or properties with arbitrary construction and town planning infractions to keep their property by paying a single fine, ensuring that the property has relieved from the urban weights for the next 30 years or even some categories of ex'ayton and permanently.


  • If property has been built without planning permission.
  • If a building has been exceeded, the coverage or height above 2% of approved projects.
  • If you have become a construction which does not appear in the approved plans of urbanism.
  • If it has been changed to use the property.
  • If you have integrated or separated apartments compared with those laid down in the approved plans of urban planning.


  1. request: in any plot or pitch process entry for arbitrary structures or arbitrary change of use.
  2. Declaration: l. 1599/1986 (first 75) of the applicant, an official for the authenticity of the signature, which includes:
    • the individual items
    • tax identification number
    • the public financial service taxation of
    • the number and year of construction permit where there is
    • the size and the use of arbitrary construction
    • the date of completion of construction or installation of arbitrary arbitrary use in itself under article 8
    • If this is a major and unique House and
    • statement that the arbitrary construction or unauthorized use does not fall within any of the cases referred to in article 2 of the l 4178/2013
  3. The last declaration form E9, referred to the property, where the arbitrary construction or use regardless if declared on this arbitrary constructions.
  4. Technical report authorised competent engineer with the description of an arbitrary construction or arbitrary use only in relation to the size and use of aythairetoy, if this is for rough construction of paragraphy 75 article 2 of law No. 4067/2012 (Α΄ 79). In technical report describes the reasons for the inability to capture all of the property at the Fri. 6bi present..
  5. construction of arbitrary Photos or arbitrary change of use.
  6. projects
  7. Public documents or aerial photography, by demonstrating the completion time of construction and installation time of use.
  8. About static control breaches the following shall apply:
    • Structural vulnerability bulletin of interest building organization, for any arbitrary construction or change of use has been executed or installed in buildings with mainstream use residence, tourist accommodation establishments or buildings that are not listed in the next paragraph, as well as for individual arbitrary constructions of the above uses, unless otherwise specified in the ministerial order of the next subparagraph III of this paragraph. The study of structural adequacy can be submitted within a period of five (5) years from the date of entry for and in any case before the completion of the identity of the building.
    • n each certificate of subordination and certified for escrow made special mention for submitting or non-structural capacity study in accordance with the provisions of this article.
    • By a decision of the Minister of environment, energy and climate change, may set out the details for implementing this, as the standard fill-in sheet structural vulnerability.
  9. Technical report the responsible engineer for electro-mechanical control of earthing Panel and other electromechanical installations, if there are for each individual arbitrary construction, excluding housing, as well as for arbitrary construction or change of use has been executed or installed in buildings that have no use dwelling.
  10. Fee in favour of the Greek State which constitutes revenue of the State budget, without prejudice to specific.
  11. The above submitted with care of the owner and the engineer. Licensed Engineer entered in the information system of the present all evidence and supporting documents relating to the arbitrary construction or arbitrary change of use, filling the record sheets in Annex A in accordance with applicable law and calculating the total fine.