Our technical Office undertakes the issuance of building permits for residences, industrial buildings, warehouses, additions to existing buildings or they are in height or by extension, repairs, modifications to existing structures, demolitions, changes of use, peritoichiseis, fences, pool construction and generally more generally as regards the building fabric.

According to L.4030/11 but also in 4495/2017 the building license is divided into two phases:
the building approval and building permit.

Building approval certification is the right to build in accordance with building terms, allowing the building licence issued within five (5) working days of the presentation of documents to the competent building service (B.ser.) after from background checks and if they prove correct. However, check deadlines may be extended to 20 days if deemed necessary by the planning service.

The approval of the building permit from the building department responsible is required in the following cases:

  • construction of new building
  • demolition of buildings
  • add new sites
  • repairs existing
  • regularisations
  • change of use of an area to another and many more cases
  • build and add any kind of installation (excluding the work covered either by adopting Microfinance Operations either by written notification before 48 hours)
  • peritoichiseis and fences that are not covered by the adoption of Small-scale Operationsς
  • construction of underground tanks
  • Pool construction (unless you are going for maximum pool surface mounting fifty (50.00) square metres served with external systems compact type and engine room is required for the installation of a wall of reinforced concrete and excavations – filling of natural ground greater than one (1.00) measure. In this case the height of all structures should not exceed one (1.00) measure of the final soil level and should respect the required planting mandatory akalyptoy space. This work required the authorization of small-scale operations).

All these always guided by the requirements of the current legislation, and the implementation of custom always to the particularities and requirements of each case or of each building.


  1. The request of the person concerned in which are embedded in a single issue:
    • Statements of award study and monitoring.
    • Ascension and surveillance study statements.
    • Control sheet.
    • Project budget and fee calculation of scholars.
  2. Technical reports and budget (form).
  3. Topographical chart and graph coverage according to the specifications.
  4. Architecture and structural design.
  5. ENERGY CONSERVATION Studies, water supply – sewerage.
  6. fire protection Study and approval by the Fire Department, if required.
  7. fuel Study (natural) gas, where appropriate.
  8. Notarized statement to reserve a parking space, where this is necessary.
  9. Hydraulic study (water supply – sewerage) for building a larger volume of 800 cc. total or more than one floors.
  10. Study plants (all m/studies) for building a larger surface of 300 m2 included in d. Builder (i.e. does not include the basement and ground floor) and a total volume of more than 1300 cc. or more of 3 floors.
  11. The altitude of the municipality or community within the town plan buildings.
  12. Approval of archaeology for buildings that were erected in areas controlled by the Ministry of Culture.
  13. adoption of public electricity service for buildings with a capacity exceeding 2500 m3
  14. Forest Service Certificate for buildings outside the zoning.
  15. Ownership Titles for plots or land which is highly notwithstanding.
  16. Approvals of various actors (industry, transport, EOT), depending on the use of buildings.
  17. Licenses of all existing buildings when it comes to additions or any other element from which demonstrate their legitimacy.
  18. Certificate of ownership (land registry).
  19. assurance PUBLIC WORKSHOP PUBLIC WORKSHOP PENSION FUND and Technical Chamber of Greece engineers.

The planning permission or building permit is a complex process that involves studies and approvals from different operators and public authorities. As to the content, ensuring quality for the completion of a construction project.

"According to the new data, the building licence is based on a number of variety of laws – circulars and ministerial decisions which make up a particularly rigorous study and monitoring of a new construction project. Examples include three laws forming the backbone:
4030/2011: new way of building licensing
4067/2012: New Building Regulation
4495/2017: control and protection of the built environment."

We undertake all building permit protecting yourself from the pitfalls of non-application of the above laws. Our main priority is to contact you, the understanding of your needs and wants and fix these, in design and our study..


What works covers:

Small-scale task approval is required for the following tasks in buildings which exist legally::

  1. Test sections of the soil and digging after document of the competent archaeological service.
  2. Placement of prefabricated houses for the housing of disadvantaged and special population groups.
  3. Pumping plant and buildings with the absolutely necessary dimensions for housing them.
  4. Water Drilling on privately owned land within the project or in the village or in the stadiums outside the project after approval of the municipality of the region and of the relevant Department of the region.
  5. Tasks required for geotechnical investigations without retaining jobs.
  6. Installation of temporary structures that accompanied with structural adequacy certificate.
  7. The construction of an elevator for moving disabled or empodizomenwn persons in existing buildings.
  8. Cutting trees within approved rymotomika plans.
  9. Underground distribution stations or measuring and regulating gas.
  10. Placing of scaffolding.
  11. Placing construction hutches.
  12. Digging channels cable within the tiles for stadiums or petrol station and land for the installation of input output systems (for depth greater than eighty centimetres).
  13. Siting of underground, prefabricated fuel gas tank fuel stations.
  14. External colours or railing replacement or repair coatings of facades using scaffolding.
  15. Investment sides and replace the curtain walls.
  16. Construction Pergola in ground open spaces or in the surrounding area uncovered or in lawn or on the roof or in open balconies or terraces and ground floors.
  17. Mounting askepoys water tank or pool, maximum surface fifty (50.00) square metres served with external systems compact type and engine room are not required for installing the wall of reinforced concrete excavation – filling of natural ground greater than one (1.00) measure. The height of all structures should not exceed one (1.00) measure of the final soil level and should respect the required planting mandatory akalyptoy space.
  18. antenna Placement.
  19. Internal arrangements as long as they do not harm the public interest elements of organization building.
  20. The construction under roofs and under surfaces.
  21. roof insulation or passive solar systems in exterior facades of existing buildings, if not altered the facades.
  22. Maintenance, repair of roofs using scaffolding.
  23. Simple peritoichisi of stonework of one (1.00) measure or enclosure of light material, land in off-plan areas and fencing with rough construction (such as wire mesh) in land not in within 8 areas. Also, allow delineation with piles of the peaks plot or plot.
  24. Construction warehouse lithoktistis in cultivated farms with surface until fifteen (15.00) square meters and overall height with roof up to three (3.00) measures if no use is made of reinforced concrete in the roof and made independent from any existing main building once for each Stadium and after approval of the relevant Department of agriculture.
  25. Construction of fireplaces, stoves and fireplaces where these do not affect the static capacity of holder organism independent properties.
  26. Replacement housing in the same dimensions, without any change in volume and no increase in final height of the building and the roof.
  27. Placement of solar and photovoltaic systems.
  28. Operational consolidation areas of the paragraph 10 article 10 of Regulation building (decision 3046/89 GG, 59; d and Decided. 13448/12, OFFICIAL GAZETTE 116).
  29. Perform Visual interventions (Decided. 9584/11, OFFICIAL GAZETTE NO. 492/b).