"My house... soil that I was born..."

N. Gatsos

Our technical Office undertakes the construction of your home, with the best prices in the market, the richest variety of materials and the most specialized teams. Also we undertake the energy retrofit of your residence quickly and responsibly. Based on the suggestions we can move onto pre-calculation of interventions. We have every kind of technical knowledge and experience to build any infrastructure building. Our Office, in addition to classic supervisions, is actively involved with the construction of the building from the excavation phase to the final delivery of the building.

There is a constant presence of our engineers to work and continuous quality control, progress, observance of security measures from the exeideikeymeno technicians and drafting analytical measurement tables, like contracts between our partners and all stakeholders.

Clearly teleoyme in regular updating of customer in each phase of project progress, always in indissoluble cooperation of the architectural and construction department. The construction of buildings, carried out, stand out for their antiseismikotita (symmetriwn, check Foundation soils, quality materials and strict supervision building mode), functionality, durability in years environmental actions (moisture saver, special insulation, using special concretes, mortars and mortar mixed) and to use economy (increased thermal insulation, rational radiator sizing and burners etc.).

Our technical Office has dealt extensively with the construction of bioclimatic buildings and energy saving solutions. With highly scientific and technical training, we manufacture FIR health buildings, in which alternative ways of structuring, but also heating-cooling, better thermal insulation, with minimal maintenance costs.

Enshrined with the necessary legal agreements and technical status of each project. In compliance with the requirements of the study we undertake the order of construction materials, monitor the process of necessary payments based on the requirements of the project budget, track the progress of tasks daily via SMS and photographic material so that there is a complete picture for each work phase.

The application of modern methods of construction and the high quality materials combined with long experience, are a guarantee for the customer.