We undertake with speed and reliability study surveying projects land and parcels needed longer to each transfer, building permit, arrange aythairetoy, photovoltaic, forest service placement, delimitation – fencing property.

The topographic study includes:

  1. Field measurements with GPS.
  2. Office work (edit-control of field measurements and data transfer in draft form).
  3. Extensive research engineer at appropriate public services for identification of existing provisions in the area.

When required topographic diagram?

Type the type or copy the text for metafrasiTo map is required in many cases, the most common of which are the following::

  • For the issuing of permits to build in inside and outside the project areas.
  • For contracts and legal acts on inside and outside the project areas.
  • For arbitrary arrangement.
  • For outline estates from distributions of Ministry of Agriculture and maps.
  • For separation – partition properties in less robust properties.
  • For objections of lands.
  • For licensing of photovoltaic and wind farms.
  • For settlement transactions.
  • For forest service statements.

With the belief that "if there is no way, we will lead the way" and with the principles of respect for the environment, safety, but above all the rules of art and science, our technical Office always guarantees the best results consistently work and time, always in the customer development and ethics.