"...You must be the change you want to come..."

M. Gandhi

Our technical Office undertakes renovation of dwellings or business premises, but outside the building and reconstruction of their surroundings. The renovation of a space is a serious task that requires consistency, experience and organizational skills in order to achieve the desired result. We seek to achieve maximum and best utilization of each area through the application of rules of ergonomics, accommodating the needs and personal desires of users. Implement the ideas on which we in collaboration with with you, in a cost-effective manner and emphasis on aesthetic and functional result, always under the cheque agreed timetables, so that tasks are executed in a timely manner and to There is constant updating on the progress of the project. Making appropriate interventions is achieved, additional and significant reduction of energy consumption of the property, in line with the imperatives of our time to save energy, which ensures a fast depreciating the cost of the renovation. Having high know-how transforming your property, always of your wishes and provide you with our services at the most competitive prices. Our goal is the ongoing operations to serve perfectly users every space and every refurbishment to bring relief and satisfaction to our customers.

More detail we undertake:

  • the mapping of the current situation
  • study of a new configuration that matches your needs.
  • writing detailed offer for the required work and materials.
  • the new floor plan
  • modifying the plumbing
  • modification of electrical installations
  • the smears
  • replacing internal and external frames
  • kitchen replacement
  • wardrobe replacement
  • the colours
  • the insulations

Stages of Renovation:

  • Visit and capture of space, where the functional requirements and technical parameters.
  • Presentation of the original concept. Discussion on the application and agreement for assigning tasks.
  • Presentation of proposals, through projects and photorealistic images. Specify all parameters and of the final cost.
  • Implementation of the project, with continuous supervision of work by our specialised personnel.