Energy Certificate

Our Office undertakes fully whole energy audit process, as we move and proposals to reduce the operating costs of your property as a result of the significant energy and cost savings on a daily basis. The energy performance certificate is required for renting and selling property as well as for a dossier to spare at home. The energy audit is the energy "identity" of a property and are compulsory for the construction of new buildings or major renovation. Also for the rental version and for the conclusion of a notarial deed of ownership transfer exceeding 50 sqm. is required energy performance certificate.

For the required version:

  • Data Owners – Form lands.
  • Optional: floor plans, certified Restorer burner, public service Electricity accounts.
  • Inspection and surveying of the site for which the certificate is issued.
  • Delivery time for simple energy certificate: 24-48 hours in your area.