"Res, non verba"

A unique property at 700 sqm of land with special view, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It consists of two separate newly built houses in authentic cycladic architecture.

Our desire to remain faithful to the architecture of Cyclades orderliness, made us to prefer the pure geometric forms, with predominant shape the rectangular parallelepiped and cube with rounded corners.

The House is built on a sloping mountainous area in such a manner that design has a solid background and not is wasted arable land. Heading by the needs of owners and following completely the traditional standards legislation, we have two houses with respect to environmental factors and in view of the need for protection from strong winds there are in the region.

The House 300 sgm. total surface area, divided into two separate lodges, designed to give a sense of contact with the surroundings, with orientation towards the South for sufficient sunlight and at the same time, to protect against frequent the place, high winds. Each House consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. All rooms and heated with a central heating system. Given the fact that the architecture itself is abstract, empty spaces are having within the bare essentials with simple lines without bright colors and designs. For the configuration of the space environment were used to fully cycladic stonework landscaped outdoor area there is a heated swimming pool.

The facade of the houses to exterior walls to show elafrotati bent inwards, are based on the traditional cycladic architecture. Windows measured becomes small in the northern part of the House while older made in the South, to keep out the Sun and air. The size allows them to get into the House winds in summer and during winter time is not wasted unnecessarily the heat in the House. The materials used were clearly what defines the architecture of the landscape, following design simple lines in white and blue, exuding an atmosphere of calm that "ties" to its surroundings.