"-When you open
a window be long consolation. -"

The complex houses built in the village of Hania in Phokis Troizonia. The basic intention of the synthesis was the creation of identical houses with strong limits on outline of buildings. The design of the House is inspired by the words of the French artist Yves Klein "The Blue has no dimensions, is beyond the dimensions with such design fashion so that it gives the feeling of continuous connection with the open horizon and he was the mainstay of the study, the direct contact of the residence with the endless blue of the water and the celestial horizon.

Our customer's desire was to create a complex holiday homes for families. Our ultimate goal was to provide homes for possible permanent installation. The House looks to emerge from the landscape and the landscape grows linearly as an extension of the House. It grows in a beautiful panoramic location, well above sea level. The processing of faces and especially the northern side where the main entrance is treated like impermeable surfaces, using a minimalist syntax seeking an equal dialogue with the environment without aims at a forced osmosis with it.

The primary design element µ was the effortless eye contact, any interior space to the views. The design focused on the integration of the House to the landscape and of course in the view of the sea. All parts of two residence create a unified aesthetic effect of simple geometry and clean lines. Simple lines characterise the architecture of buildings and particular attention was given to energy saving. Created microclimate which is called serving the heating and cooling system of the House. All the facades and the functional spaces of housing developed towards the sea. The 89 sqm. of the House drain each margin given to head for the deep blue. Interior design and layout creates a sense of privacy with direct access to the exterior surroundings.

Designed on two levels for a new family of four persons. The ground floor, consisting of public areas (living room, dining room, kitchen, 1 bedroom and W.C.), surrounded by a garden divided into indoor and non-places. The main space of the House is basically one and open. Upstairs are the bedrooms with their bathrooms. The volume is almost single, two-storey internally, while interrupted by the rooms. The interiors, the meticulous design, modern design. Inside the walls are painted white, while the gray floor and beige furnishings were chosen in order not to distract the visitor's gaze from the view that surrounds the House. Outside, in the uniquely designed garden, as a counterpoint to the image of the interior space, used a range of different colours and textures. Across the courtyard is paved and planted small trees for natural shade. Simple broad-brush minimalism and intelligent technical solutions is the basic and main features of these homes.

Comfortable, welcoming spaces with large Windows that provide natural light and ventilation. This combined with the simplicity of the landscape offers residents of, the ability to exploit many different outdoors and to enjoy each "corner" of the House.